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Kuehny Utilizes Brightening the Border Queen Incentive

Brooke Kuehny has a wonderful eye for detail, and as an artist it's safe to assume her drab building facade was a thorn in her side.  Not one to look away from a hard project the Mother Daughter Kuehny duo took the 2 story challenge head on and the result is a beautiful, eye catching improvement to Downtown Caldwell.

With the help of the Brightening the Border Queen reimbursement paint program Brooke was able to get money back on paint and supplies used to brighten up her building.  The quick application process includes scope of work, including color choices, before and after photos, and detailed receipts, all of which must be approved by City Hall. You could be the next happy home or business owner that also benefits from this incentive!

For more information give City Hall a call at 620-845-6514

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