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City Departments



The City of Caldwell has adopted City Codes (laws) specifically designed to address blight, nuisances, and to maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community. The City of Caldwell does this by working in partnership with the people of Caldwell.

The mission of the City of Caldwell Code is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We help maintain and improve the quality of our community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes and land use requirements.

  • Facilitate voluntary compliance with City laws and codes.

  • Empower community self-help programs.

  • Develop public outreach programs.

  • Establish community priorities for enforcement programs.

If you would like to report a violation or submit a complaint, please send a detailed email to or call 620.845.6514



The Caldwell Fire Department is a volunteer fire/rescue organization with a purpose of protecting life and property of the citizens and visitors of the City of Caldwell.  The dedicated members of this Fire Department have committed themselves to fighting for the well-being and safety of this City.


The Caldwell Fire Department is 100% volunteer.  There are 20 volunteers, including Scott York, Fire Chief.


Current Caldwell Fire Department Volunteer Members are listed as follows:


Scott York, Chief                     January 1990 to Present

Chris Koch                             February 2008 to Present

Travis York                              February 1997 to Present

Nathaniel Zulkoski             December 2009 to Present

Sharon York                                  June 2004 to Present

Trevor Stevenson                         June 2010 to Present

Trent Stevenson                     October 2011 to Present

Ken Whaley                        November 2011 to Present

Joe Struble                            October 2012 to Present

Bryan Weems                            March 2014 to Present

Devan Whaley                        January 2016 to Present 

Daniel Turek                              March 2016 to Present 

Alex Davis                                  March 2016 to Present

Jamie York                                     July 2018 to Present

Anton Reynolds                 November 2019 to Present

Tanner Lamb                                April 2019 to Present

Cooper Bristor                   November 2020 to Present

Hunter Stuewe                   December 2020 to Present

Kenneth Smith                   December 2020 to Present

Shayne Abele                                July 2021 to Present

Landon Dvorak                      January 2024 to Present

Vance York                              January 2024 to Present

code enforcement

Rebekah Rickstrew


Sergeant / Mounted Patrol
Brett Thomas

Part Time Patrol Officer
Dusty Helms


Patrol Officer
Dal Astle


Part Time Patrol Officer
Elizabeth Hess

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The mission of the Caldwell Police Department is to better the quality of life for the residents and visitors' experiences through effective crime reduction, preservation of the peace, and responsiveness to social changes in the community accomplished through proactive policing and crime prevention. 


The Caldwell Police Department is charged with protecting and serving the citizens of Caldwell. The department enforces federal, state, and municipal laws while protecting all citizens’ civil rights.

The department is made of up three full-time officers and two part-time officers who respond to calls and concerns of citizens, enforce traffic laws and provide routine patrol of the community. Members of the department work to connect with the community through various community policing activates.


To learn more about the services offered, Click on the topic below: 

Pet Adoption Opportunities 
Click on the Image to Complete Adoption Application!

The goal of community policing is to build relationships with the community through interactions with a member of the public, creating partnerships & strategies for reducing crime and disorder. 

Programs such as S.A.F.E., Popsicle Patrol, Shop with a Cop, and D.A.R.E. are just a few examples of how the Caldwell Police Department works together to help build these relationships with the community. 



The Caldwell Police Department compiles a monthly report that includes activity and statics accomplished during the preceding month. This information is provided to the City Commission and through this website, the public.


Please note that the crime data is preliminary and may not exactly match the final KBI Kansas Crime Index (the CPD puts this information out as timely as possible in this report and some information may change after official validation, the official KBI data is not released until at least six months after the end of the year).


Reports are provided in PDF format.


          Current Year                Past Years  


Court is held on the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am.

If you have questions about your case or an upcoming court date please contact the Municipal Court Clerk.


Physical Address

Caldwell Municipal Court

113 South Main Ave.

Caldwell, Kansas 67022


(620) 845-6514


Remit Payment to:

Caldwell Municipal Court

c/o City Hall

14 West Central Ave.

Caldwell, Kansas 67022


If you need immediate assistance,

please call 9-1-1


Caldwell Police Department

14 West Central Ave.

Caldwell, Kansas 67022



(620) 845-2323



(620) 845-2313




Animal Control
Identity Verification
House Watch
VIN Inspection
Vehicle Accident Reports
Special Purpose Vehicles





Josh Vanek  - Supervisor

Arcine Thompson:

Jack Schmidt:

Landon Dvorak:

Kevin Smith:

The Public Works Department is located at 113 South Main Street. Although the building is closed to the public, you may reach the department by calling 620-845-6676. You may also call City Hall at 620-845-6514.



The Cemetery is located at 1631 Sunflower Rd.

If you are interested in purchasing a plot in the Cemetery, please contact City Hall. The prices are currently as follows:


  • $275.00 per space for people who own land within the City limits

  • $425.00 per space for people who do not own land in the City limits


Take a break from the summer heat at the Caldwell Swimming Pool. With recent updates, the City Pool is a favorite summertime hangout for both area youth and adults. 

Pool Admission Charges:  

  • Single Admission            $50.00

  • Family of Two                  $90.00

  • Addt'l family member     $15.00 each

  • Daily Single Admission   $3.00

In 2018 the City of Caldwell proudly opened the Caldwell Splash Pad which is operational from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm during the summer months.  This Splash Pad was brought to Caldwell from generous donations from the Hedrick Family, Community Members, and Caldwell lovers to enjoy free of charge. 


The City Park spans two blocks and houses a public basketball court, children's playground equipment, a small stage, and the City's swimming pool. For your family or organization gatherings, Park Place is available for rent in the park. Caldwell's S.H.A.R.E Group renovated this building, which was formerly the Border Queen Museum, into an air-conditioned and heated rental spot for families and groups to enjoy. Contact City Hall at (620)845-6514 for rental information. 

Heritage Park is a lovely resting area found in the heart of town. The bricks that surround the gorgeous covered gazebo are engraved with past and current citizen's names. These bricks can also be purchased if you want to make a forever impression.

To purchase personalized bricks contact Courtney at

public works




If you suspect a water leak, please call Public Works at 620-845-6676 or City Hall at 620-845-6514. If it is after business hours, please leave a message and someone will make contact with you.


Minimum charge for first 1,000 gallons:

  1. Residential & Commercial consumers within the City limits $37.00

  2. Residential & Commercial consumers outside the City limits $47.00

B.    Up to 49,000 gallons $6.50 per thousand gallons

C.   All usage in excess of 50,000 gallons $5.60 per thousand gallons


Although private property sewer lines are the owner's responsibility, you may call the Public Works Office at 620-845-6676 to have the sewer main inspected if you are experiencing sewer problems.

The sewer rate that a customer is charged is based on their water usage in the months of December-February.

  • 0-2,999 gallons                   $21.30

  • 3,000-5,999 gallons            $23.30

  • 6,000-10,999 gallons          $25.30

  • 11,000-20,999 gallons        $27.30

  • Over 20,999 gallons           $29.30



The stormwater utility is a flat fee charged to the resident that will help to repair the current condition of the City’s stormwater drains.

  • Residential $1.00

  • Commercial $3.00

For billing questions on water, sewer, or stormwater please contact Jacki Cink at 620-845-6514 or 



KanOkla Networks 620-845-5682


Wheatland Electric 620-896-7090 Hall is a payment center only for Wheatland Electric, billing questions should be directed to Wheatland)

Natural Gas: 

Atmos Energy 1-888-442-1313


KanOkla Networks 620-845-5682

Wheat State Disposal 316-358-9683 or Waste Connections 316-838-4920

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