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2024 Solid Waste Hauler Changing

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

The Caldwell Commission solicited bids for the upcoming 2024 service year for Solid Waste from Waste Connections, Air Capital Waste, and Wheat State Disposal. The bids received were from Wheat State Disposal and Waste Connections. Air Capital Waste (formerly Waste Link) did not submit a bid. The 2024 contract holders will be Waste Connections and Wheat State Disposal.

Efforts are being made to make this a seamless transition for the residents, the new hauler, as well as Air Capital Waste as they plan their exit. The City has begun an open enrollment from November 7 to December 1st. During this time you can change your current provider and this will take effect Jan 1, 2024. Please call City Hall at 620-845-6514 or email to make your 2024 election. It should be noted that if you want to keep your current hauler there is no need to call City Hall as all current Air Capital Waste (formerly Waste Link) Customers will automatically be switched to Wheat State Disposal unless otherwise specified during open enrollment (Nov 7 - Dec 1) and current Waste Connection customers will not be affected unless they choose to change. For current Air Capital Waste (formerly Waste Link) customers, both Commercial and Residential who do not choose a new provider during the open enrollment period will automatically become Wheat State Disposal Customers. The new residential price for both haulers is $20.50. If you are an Air Capital Waste commercial customer please contact City Hall regarding the new Wheat State Disposal pricing. Air Capital Waste's last pick-up will be December 28th. 2023. At that time they will work to remove all residential carts after they have been picked up. After this date please do not utilize the Air Capital Waste (Waste Link) carts. Wheat State Disposal will deliver carts in that time frame to avoid service disruption.

Courtesy - if you are an Air Capital (Waste Link) customer please contact one of the above providers to continue service at your location. Please mention that you are OUTSIDE of City Limits your pricing may differ from the above.

For more information please contact City Hall at 620-845-6514.

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