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The City of Caldwell will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at 12:00 pm (Noon) in the City Commission Meeting Room located at 113 S. Main Street, Caldwell, Kansas to evaluate the performance of Grant No. 21-PF-018 for the water system improvements that included relocation of the clear well and high service pumps, water transmission line replacement, construction of a new elevated water tower and demolition of existing standpipe and existing clear well, installation of stand-by generators and associated appurtenances all within the City Limits of Caldwell..


Items included in the construction will be:  1 LS mobilization and incidentals, 1 LS new 20,000 gallon ground storage tank, 1 LS 150,000 gallon elevated storage tower, 1 LS high service pump station (packaged), 1 LS High Service Pump (HSP) install and foundation, 650 LF 8” water main, 1 LS miscellaneous site work, 1 LS security fencing, 1 LS site piping, 1 LS control valve vault, 1 LS clear well demolition, 1 LS standpipe demolition, 1 LS SCADA improvements, 1 LS well field generator a 1 LS High Service Pump generator.

The final completed project that has been accomplished includes  1 LS mobilization, 1 LS staking, 1 LS clearing and grubbing, 1 LS seeding, 1 LS erosion control, 1 LS traffic control, 1 LS 150,000 Gallon elevated tank, 1 LS 40,000 gallon ground storage tank,1 LS pump station complete, 1 LS electrical (pump station site), 1 LS electrical (pay station site), 1 LS generator ATS pump tank site, 1 LS SCADA, 1 LS standpipe demolition, 69 LF 10” water line, 995 LF 8” water line, 10 LF 4” water line, 60 LF 16” steel casing jack and bore, 22’ LF 16” jointless casing open cut, 4 EA 10” gate valve, 4 EA 8” gate valve, 1 EA 4” gate valve, 2 EA Fire Hydrant, 3 EA connect to existing system, 1 EA connect to SS manhole, 1 EA 48” precast manhole, 191 LF 8” sewer main, 111 LF 6” sewer lateral, 40 LF 29”x18” concrete arch pipe, 40 LF 29”x18” end section, 337 LF 6’ chain link fence, 1 LS 12’ chain link fence, 322 SY remove & replace gravel surface, 11 SY remove & replace sidewalk, 55.6 SY remove & replace surfacing (6” concrete), 1 LS mixing system, 1 LS electrical generator-well site, 1 LS well site generator platform, 1 LS pump house clear well demolition, 1 LS extend power service line, 1 LS 4”x4” tapping tee & valve, 1 LS 8”x8” tapping tee & valve, 105.69 Ton granular bedding,1 LS light pole relocation, 1 EA 6” line stop, 1 LS gate at pump station, 1 LS deduct for electrical work at pay station and 1 LS water meter.

The estimated final project cost is $2,970,548.15 with the grant request for $600,000 of the project cost. Other project proposals introduced at the hearing will be considered. Oral and written comments will be recorded and become a part of Caldwell’s CDBG Citizen Participation Plan.


Reasonable accommodation will be made available to persons with disabilities. Request should be submitted to Leah Sommerhoff, City Administrator at or call 620.845-6514 by May 30, 2024.

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