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Water Project Update - March

Water Improvement Project Update - March

It's no secret that material shortages are causing a raucous for everyone trying to complete a project, large or small. Unfortunately, this project has been and continues to be affected by material shortages. We're finally gaining some traction and with warmer weather on the horizon we hope to really make headway in the coming months.

Here's an update on what's still left to do:

  • -The new tower is up, although painting will have to wait until warmer weather.

  • -The new high-service pump station is here (pictured in photo 2) We have been waiting for electricians to install power which has begun this week and will continue into next week.

  • - Atmos Energy has installed the gas service for the backup generator, but we are still waiting for the generator to be delivered to this site

  • - The base for the ground storage tank is installed and is now just waiting for the tank to be delivered and installed.

  • - A block and a half of sewer main will need to be installed near the area

  • - Concrete work at the site and generator pad at the well site is to be installed, and the delivery of said generator in the coming months (picture 3)

  • - The SCADA system and telecommunication to the site

  • - demo of the existing tower and clear well

It's been a pleasure working with our project partners: APAC, project contractors and all subcontractors thus far, BG Consultants, our engineering firm, Ranson Financial, Grant Administrators, KDHE, USDA, the Kansas Department of Commerce, SHPO, KanOkla Networks, Micrcom, Wheatland Electric, and Atmos Energy.

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