The City of Caldwell would like to inform downtown building owners, residential owners and residents about a community-wide effort to address slum and blight.  Great strides have been made behind the scenes to both strengthen our downtown business district and spruce up residential areas. This effort will be a huge undertaking, but one that Caldwell is more than capable of tackling if we all work together. 


Those that have complained about a neighboring building or house, we hear your pleas and are working hard to help find a solution. We will remain steadfast in our code enforcement ramp-up and use this system to ensure that all owners are held accountable for their properties. 


City Staff will be touring the community to list code enforcement violations. Property owners and tenants will be notified in writing of code violations. 


We appreciate the community’s cooperation in helping Caldwell to present its best to all that live, work, play, visit and thrive here.